Monday, November 25, 2013

International Travel on Two Pairs of Underwear!

At the silk factory
After months of preparation to a foreign country (China), the trip finally arrived and we departed. The flight was smooth. Everyone settled in after about 2 hours of excitement, a light meal and some in-flight entertainment. Once we arrived at our location, it was day-time, and our escort picked us up from the airport for a quick day trip to get somethings off the itinerary. We were exhausted by 4pm when we returned to the hotel to check-in.

Once we settled in for the three night stay in this city, Beijing, I glanced through my items debating if I should completely unpack for this short duration. As I am browsing my amazing Samsonite spinner, I notice something is missing. Yes, I see leggings, tunics, a blouse, flat iron (phew!), make-up, scarves and additional shoes but I do not see any undies! WHAAAAT!!! I had the pair I was obviously wearing plus the additional pair in my carry-on should my main luggage get lost. What happened to the stack of underwear I had so meticulously packed? I dug and dug and found no sign of them. I retraced my steps back home and can faintly recall that I may have taken them out to use and wash again. How could I be so dumb!?

Well, thank goodness I had some small packets of Tide with me. You know, the ones smaller than a one load, these are the sink load size. I was able to wash both pairs plus some leggings and a top while traveling and air dry them overnight. It worked perfectly!

"Why didn't you just buy some underwear when you arrived in China?," you ask. Well, for starters I am a curvy-ish girl and they just don't sell the style and size I was looking for. I went to a silk factory which had a department store attached and purchased 2 pairs of XL silk bikinis. Honestly, I doubt they will fit. They look more like a size small. Plus, the only other kinds I kept seeing were the granny-panties. Plus, I wasn't sure I could make it all day in sexy silk versus my comfy cotton. Let's face it. There are no fluffy people in China.

I made it through China, 10 days, with just two pairs of black bikini panties. Just imagine if I could have paired down the rest of the packed clothing.

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