Monday, December 16, 2013

In The Blink Of An Eye

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They say time flies. If you want proof and have kids, then you know. Today is my Big Challenge's 14th birthday. First, I can't believe this year is almost over. I say this every year around this time when I acknowledge another year older for my first born.

Where did the time go? He is growing into a fine, mature decent kid. Of course there are always challenges. If there wasn't, this blog would probably not exist. There's the laughter, the tears, the anger, the testing, and of course the love. Through it all I know that my Big Challenge's heart is a pile of mush even though he won't admit it.
He still loves his mom even though he wouldn't be caught dead getting a kiss at morning school drop off. As he continues to grow and mature, I can still see just a hint of that small child still left in his face, his profile and his mannerisms.

But slowly, that child is fading and growing into a fine, young man. I have no doubt that will do great things and save the world. But for now, I just want each day to slow down a little and keep him young a little longer.

Happy Birthday, my amazing Big Challenge. You are an incredible kid. I wish you better than the best.

-Be courageous and be brave. And in my heart you'll always stay. Forever Young.
     -Rod Stewart

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