Thursday, December 19, 2013

Frugal Festive Snow Covered Decorative Pine Cones

I am certainly no crafty person. I do not have a craft room, craft desk or craft box for that matter. But I started thinking what do to with all the pine cones from the backyard. A few months ago, I read about "baking" pine cones to remove the sap and critters safely before using the pine cones for decor.

Here's my take on snow covered pine cones...the frugal method! First, gather your pine cones. Most of the bold large ones were still attached to our trees. I'll wait until they fall. Place them on a foiled covered sheet tray. Place pine cones on the tray and place in pre-heated 200 degree oven.

Bake in the oven for first 20 minutes. Check to see if sap and other debris is melting/removed. I did not have any critters or sap. I went another 10 minutes after that. Keep eye on them.

                                                                  Remove to cool.
When pine cones have cooled, use your spray snow and gentle flock the pine cones. My nozzle shot fast leaving some spots heavier than others. I suggest standing the pine cones up and spraying from above.

I used this spray from the dollar store. Yep, $1.00. I just may have to go back and get more! So, that's free pine cones, a sheet of foil, some electric energy and time. I say we've done pretty well here!

The finished product. Fill up some glass bowls you may already own or check again at the dollar store for storable glass vessels...Be original! Try a pitcher, vase, cylinder vases, plates, etc. Enjoy!

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