Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fabulously Frugal Drugstore Finds

Maybe you've made a resolution to spend less this year, or any year for that matter. Great! Then you've come to the right place to save a few bucks on beauty products.

                                                    NYC Sky Rise Lengthening Mascara
Image via Google

I LOVE this mascara. I was using another less expensive drugstore brand after years of using MAC and Lancome products. NYC has a great, easy to use wand that layers on length and glossy black color(my fav). And, it only costs $1.97. (Price varies from store to store, coast to coast.) I purchase mine from Target. Seriously! Frugally fabulous mascara under $2.

                                                  e.l.f. or Eyes. Lips. Face. All Over Stick
Image via elf
 Another fabulous drugstore find is elf beauty products. Almost all of their products are $1. That's right. One dollar! I love this All Over Make-Up Stick in Pink Lemonade. It makes a great tint for your cheeks with a subtle shimmer and glow. You can also use it for a lip tint and eye color. Did I mention it's a dollar. For those using NARS Orgasm or Laguna, try this product. If nothing else, you spent a $1. That's less than the skinny latte you just picked up on your way to the store. I also suggest trying their brush sets, nail polish and eye shadow kits.

                                                          Boots No.7 Foaming Cleanser
Image via Target
Nothing feels as good at the end of the day than a clean, freshly washed face. While in Target, Boots No7 has an associate who will assist you with their products and allow you to test them as well. I tested this little beauty and was blown away. I do not like cream cleansers. I always feel they are a bit heavy and like washing your face with lotion. Maybe the foaming bubbles are a psychological thing but I have always preferred a foaming face cleanser. This one does the trick in removing all-day make-up including mascara. It makes my skin feel soft and not dry. Plus, at $8.49 a bottle, a small amount goes a long way. This is sure to last a while.

                                                         Dove Refreshing Dry Shampoo

Image via Dove
On another trip to Target for some random groceries and household items, I saw this lady pushing her cart with at least 10 cans of these Dove dry shampoo cans. It piqued my interest, so I wandered over to the shampoo aisles. Low and behold there were no cans left. Now I was curious. What was this lady on to? I didn't have the guts to ask. I returned the next day and they had restocked the inventory so I grabbed myself a can. For $3.49, let me just say, "Wow!" Far less expensive then even some of the other drugstore brands and even less than the higher end brands. (Yea, I'm talking to you Oscar Blandi). I did have a little trouble with the spray but gently worked my way through it. Plus, the smell is so divine. It had a very clean smell. It did not gum or weigh down my hair. The direction are easy to use. And seriously, it's that inexpensive. I bet you can even find a coupon.

What exciting finds will you discover on your next drugstore journey?

*I do not receive compensation for any of these descriptions. These are my opinions only. I am not sponsored by these companies.

Clinique Chubbie Lipstick Balm vs. Revlon Colorbust Lacquer Lip Balm

I have come across a few blogs I follow where the bloggers have worn Clinique's Chubby Lipstick balm in Pudgy Peony specifically. I recently went to Nordstrom to test and evaluate this product since it's something I don't normally wear. I am more of a traditional lipstick or tube lip gloss wearer, and this product intrigued me. The color both blogger's wore was not suitable for my olive skin tone so I tested others. At $17 a piece, I wasn't really or willing to buy something I wasn't totally in love with. Plus, if you've read my blog before, you know I am quite the cheapskate when it comes to buying things.
Image via Nordstrom
Then I remembered either a print or television ad with Emma Stone, and it caught my eye. That Revlon lipstick lacquer balm looks almost identical to Clinique's version. Off to Target I went to see and test the product. I was able to test a few on my hand and decided to purchase Revlon's Flirtatious, 125. The color is similar but not a true match to the Clinique color. Woppin' Watermelon might be a better match to Revlon's Flirtatious 125.
Image via Target
Both colors glided on smooth. They felt the same in the hand, and even the packaging was similar. The colors on both did not bleed or feather. I actually like the richer color of Revlon a bit more. There was no scent with the Clinique one but a light minty scent with Revlon. I didn't mind it, however. Both had shea and mango butters. Revlon also seemed a little more richer and shiner.

The winner? I think I am the happiest with both the quality and value of Revlon's version. You just can't beat the price with almost something that is so similar. My Target version online is $6.49 and I think I actually paid a little more in the store, possibly $8.59. Still, it's a better value than Clinique's pricier version of $17.

I do not make any money nor am I a paid blogger for either product. I just like them.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Eat Down - January Challenge of the Pantry and Freezer

Most people make some type of resolution at the beginning of a new year whether it's to lose weight, exercise more, spend less money, make more money, spend time with family, on and on. One in two people make them but less even keep them. Most have given up by day 21 and even more never make it until the end of the year. Those that do, will probably have some type of life changing experience. While this year I did not make any resolutions (because nothing can beat "Funnier in 2000), there is one Challenge that I do want to try and that is The Pantry-Freezer Eat Down!
Take a look at those photos. That is ALOT of food. It was all bought with a purpose. Some of it was such great prices it made sense to buy it. Yes, there's alot of junk food there, too. Big and Little Challenge regularly blow through boxes of cereal, crackers, microwave popcorn and mac n' cheese. Then there are the pantry staples of pasta, canned fruits and vegetables, baking supplies, coffee/tea, and so on. It's all recently bought and fresh although there could be a stray box or can of something that is quite suspect. Usually it's rather organized by item type/container. It's out of hand.

The freezer is no less full. It's stock full of frozen fruits for smoothies, veggies, chicken, hamburger, frozen breakfasts, desserts, and bakery items. Again, there is probably a stray item in there way past its prime, an undiscovered frozen treasure of sorts.
It's basically a normal pantry and freezer. Nothing special in the types of foods. We are just a normal family. So, with that, I think I will challenge my family to an EAT DOWN! No, not a beat down, an eat down. There's almost two weeks left of the month, and I would like to see how much of it we can eat on a normal basis for normal meals without having to buy any additional products. We may have to get creative once we run out of a related component of a meal such as butter on noodles instead of pasta sauce once that's gone. Get it?

I challenge you to stop buying goods for the next two weeks and EAT DOWN your pantry, cabinets, fridge, etc. Maybe once it's at a lower level, we can replace it with less junk, sweets and all around processed foods. That could be the next challenge. Slow, baby steps. Good luck!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nautical Nonsense

Image via Old Navy
While the rest of the country is in a "polar vortex", (I just love that word), the west coast has been having some unbelievably warm and dry weather. So much so that I hear religious figures are asking their followers to pray for rain. In any case, always one looking for cute and inexpensive attire, I recently came across this adorable crepe blouse with an anchor motif

"It's January," I said! I am always in the mood for a vacation and warm weather. This top screams vacation! Warm, breezy nights dressed in this top and a pair of casual white pants! It's very preppy to say the least. The fabric is light and the pattern is rather nice. The white blouse seemed a bit more see-through when I tried it on in stores. The fabric drapes rather nice but seemed a bit roomier overall.

I even had a conversation with the sales associate saying that I was surprised something so "springy" would be out yet. They have this whole new nautical line with striped sweaters, anchor t-shirts, chambray, fringe scarves, knit blazers, etc. There is one sailboat sweater that I saw in stores that isn't online yet. That will be a big seller. Get it now because these items, I bet, won't last, and certainly not until spring or thaw! Ahoy!

The opinions here are my own and I do not work for ON or receive compensation from this post.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Yoga Space

Image via Google
Several months ago I embarked on a new journey in fitness....Yoga. I never actually "done" yoga but was familiar with the moves. I needed a new activity aside from walking and running. Having found a "deal" from one of the deal sites, I was able to try yoga formally for a month unlimited. I was hooked.

The personnel at the front desk worked closely with me to get me started on my journey. They suggested a beginner's move class. Boy, were those few days brutal. I was actually rather sore from being so stagnant in the fitness department. Walking to the car or up the stairs to the bedroom or carrying a basket of laundry can't really constitute as being "active". I hadn't ran much and was really out of shape.

I began going almost three days a week and either Saturday or Sunday or both. I could feel myself catching on, keeping a watchful eye around the room and listening to the instructor as she/he encouraged us to enjoy our practice on our terms. I felt I was getting stronger. Yoga wasn't a competition. You push or don't push your body on how you want to. Plus, I was rather taken aback on the various ages, shapes and sizes in the class as well as fitness levels. Pretty much anyone can do it.

Ok. So I have been going for a few months now. I feel a little blah when I don't make it during the day. My brand spankin' new mat is getting broken in. I finally got some yoga pants. I can feel the inner light.
Image via Google
Here's one teensy problem with yoga. I arrive early to relax, clear my mind and get ready for the practice. I find a spot suitable for me and settle in. It's class time and it looks a little full. The door shuts, the instructor speaks but yet somehow, someone manages to squeak their way into the class. Puzzled on where to put their mat down, they glance around and somehow are magnetically attracted to placing themselves practically on top of me. Talk about lack of personal space.

Listen, I get it. You also like yoga, but the problem is that you showed up late and now you want to squeeze into my space like a sardine which kind of ruins the mood for me. I'm trying to turn off the chatter in my head but I can't. It keeps repeating, "Go find another space. Go fine another space." Or better yet, "Arrive on time to claim your own space." Is it just me? Some of my classes are just filled to the brim and real estate is at its prime. But seriously, how many people, strangers no less, can you cram into yoga studio along with their 85" X 26" mat, block, blanket, and water bottle. Why is it that anyone would have to move? There should be some space between sweaty grunting breathy participants. Hands, butts and feet are flying everywhere. Maybe I am just asking for a little courtesy and a little personal space. Welcome to yoga. Namaste.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Most Over-Used Blog Words In 2013...Let's Avoid Them in 2014

Great. You started a blog. You gathered an audience, and you are posting on a regular basis. But what about the words you are using. Here are some of the most over-used blog words out there:

That's right. Obsessing. Whether you are obsessing about that new dress you want to buy or can't afford or those shoes, or those monogram Lucite desk top items. Obsessing has become, well, obsessed.

Yep. These, too! We know it's all cute and cuddly but reminding us every other sentence is not adorable/incredible/or totally awesome so we need to pare down a bit on these

Chic, Shabby & Vintage:
Not everything can be chic. Or Shabby. Or Vintage. Or Chic Shabby Vintage. Seriously. It doesn't work. Not all the time and in every sentence. Something from 1990 isn't vintage. And a back alley find isn't shabby nor chic.

Maybe you saw a celebrity brandishing the latest bauble or frock. Perhaps it was a design page from your dentist's office periodical collection. We get it. You're inspired. But for how long?

Yes. You. Will. Die. It. Is. Perfect. You. Should. Get. It. Swwwwoooon. How much swooning are you doing without falling over?

Loving it:
If you love it so much, why don't you marry it. That may be a bit harsh but the flowery emotions of the phrase "Loving it......" is over-used on so many levels. We get it. You love it. Maybe it's time to break up with that phrase.