Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fabulously Frugal Drugstore Finds

Maybe you've made a resolution to spend less this year, or any year for that matter. Great! Then you've come to the right place to save a few bucks on beauty products.

                                                    NYC Sky Rise Lengthening Mascara
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I LOVE this mascara. I was using another less expensive drugstore brand after years of using MAC and Lancome products. NYC has a great, easy to use wand that layers on length and glossy black color(my fav). And, it only costs $1.97. (Price varies from store to store, coast to coast.) I purchase mine from Target. Seriously! Frugally fabulous mascara under $2.

                                                  e.l.f. or Eyes. Lips. Face. All Over Stick
Image via elf
 Another fabulous drugstore find is elf beauty products. Almost all of their products are $1. That's right. One dollar! I love this All Over Make-Up Stick in Pink Lemonade. It makes a great tint for your cheeks with a subtle shimmer and glow. You can also use it for a lip tint and eye color. Did I mention it's a dollar. For those using NARS Orgasm or Laguna, try this product. If nothing else, you spent a $1. That's less than the skinny latte you just picked up on your way to the store. I also suggest trying their brush sets, nail polish and eye shadow kits.

                                                          Boots No.7 Foaming Cleanser
Image via Target
Nothing feels as good at the end of the day than a clean, freshly washed face. While in Target, Boots No7 has an associate who will assist you with their products and allow you to test them as well. I tested this little beauty and was blown away. I do not like cream cleansers. I always feel they are a bit heavy and like washing your face with lotion. Maybe the foaming bubbles are a psychological thing but I have always preferred a foaming face cleanser. This one does the trick in removing all-day make-up including mascara. It makes my skin feel soft and not dry. Plus, at $8.49 a bottle, a small amount goes a long way. This is sure to last a while.

                                                         Dove Refreshing Dry Shampoo

Image via Dove
On another trip to Target for some random groceries and household items, I saw this lady pushing her cart with at least 10 cans of these Dove dry shampoo cans. It piqued my interest, so I wandered over to the shampoo aisles. Low and behold there were no cans left. Now I was curious. What was this lady on to? I didn't have the guts to ask. I returned the next day and they had restocked the inventory so I grabbed myself a can. For $3.49, let me just say, "Wow!" Far less expensive then even some of the other drugstore brands and even less than the higher end brands. (Yea, I'm talking to you Oscar Blandi). I did have a little trouble with the spray but gently worked my way through it. Plus, the smell is so divine. It had a very clean smell. It did not gum or weigh down my hair. The direction are easy to use. And seriously, it's that inexpensive. I bet you can even find a coupon.

What exciting finds will you discover on your next drugstore journey?

*I do not receive compensation for any of these descriptions. These are my opinions only. I am not sponsored by these companies.

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