Saturday, March 15, 2014

Drugstore On The Cheap - The Best Concealer. Ever!

I'm not one who usually wears make up let alone an entire full face of make-up which includes layers of primer, concealer, foundation, powder, etc. I am lucky to get on some mascara, lips and maybe a dust of powder. Because of this, I am lax in trying expensive products that I will only use once or even a few times. It will just end up sitting in my vanity drawer forever.
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Recently I stumbled across a blog that showed short and easy make up application steps that were right up my alley. One of the products recommended was Hard Candy's Glam Concealer or Glamoflage. The writer mentioned it was at Walmart which is where I picked up my tube. Priced at $6, this was something I was willing to try even if it was the wrong color. It even came with a small sample concealer pencil. There were various of shades available. Again, I am completely stupid when it comes to extra products like concealer and even less knowledgeable about all this "contouring" business I keep reading about. As I get older and the challenges keep coming, I figured my face could use a little help.

A little help, indeed! This might be the greatest drugstore cheapy I have found recently. And all you need is a little. Literally. Like a pin drop for your eyes, blemishes, uneven skin tone, etc. Again, not being familiar with tools of the trade, I wasn't sure how to really apply it. Do I use my finger? A sponge? A brush? I found a smaller brush and dabbed a tiny bit on. It went on smooth and blended well even for this beginner. My eyes looked brighter and less tired and it really did cover up any imperfections. I think I would incorporate this into my everyday routine or even just a quick routine to cover up flaws, add some mascara, blush and lips and hit the road. Give it a try! It won't erase all your problems in life, but those on your face will be less visible!

I am not a paid blogger for this product. The opinions are my own and strictly for informational purposes only.

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