Sunday, January 19, 2014

Clinique Chubbie Lipstick Balm vs. Revlon Colorbust Lacquer Lip Balm

I have come across a few blogs I follow where the bloggers have worn Clinique's Chubby Lipstick balm in Pudgy Peony specifically. I recently went to Nordstrom to test and evaluate this product since it's something I don't normally wear. I am more of a traditional lipstick or tube lip gloss wearer, and this product intrigued me. The color both blogger's wore was not suitable for my olive skin tone so I tested others. At $17 a piece, I wasn't really or willing to buy something I wasn't totally in love with. Plus, if you've read my blog before, you know I am quite the cheapskate when it comes to buying things.
Image via Nordstrom
Then I remembered either a print or television ad with Emma Stone, and it caught my eye. That Revlon lipstick lacquer balm looks almost identical to Clinique's version. Off to Target I went to see and test the product. I was able to test a few on my hand and decided to purchase Revlon's Flirtatious, 125. The color is similar but not a true match to the Clinique color. Woppin' Watermelon might be a better match to Revlon's Flirtatious 125.
Image via Target
Both colors glided on smooth. They felt the same in the hand, and even the packaging was similar. The colors on both did not bleed or feather. I actually like the richer color of Revlon a bit more. There was no scent with the Clinique one but a light minty scent with Revlon. I didn't mind it, however. Both had shea and mango butters. Revlon also seemed a little more richer and shiner.

The winner? I think I am the happiest with both the quality and value of Revlon's version. You just can't beat the price with almost something that is so similar. My Target version online is $6.49 and I think I actually paid a little more in the store, possibly $8.59. Still, it's a better value than Clinique's pricier version of $17.

I do not make any money nor am I a paid blogger for either product. I just like them.

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