Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Most Over-Used Blog Words In 2013...Let's Avoid Them in 2014

Great. You started a blog. You gathered an audience, and you are posting on a regular basis. But what about the words you are using. Here are some of the most over-used blog words out there:

That's right. Obsessing. Whether you are obsessing about that new dress you want to buy or can't afford or those shoes, or those monogram Lucite desk top items. Obsessing has become, well, obsessed.

Yep. These, too! We know it's all cute and cuddly but reminding us every other sentence is not adorable/incredible/or totally awesome so we need to pare down a bit on these

Chic, Shabby & Vintage:
Not everything can be chic. Or Shabby. Or Vintage. Or Chic Shabby Vintage. Seriously. It doesn't work. Not all the time and in every sentence. Something from 1990 isn't vintage. And a back alley find isn't shabby nor chic.

Maybe you saw a celebrity brandishing the latest bauble or frock. Perhaps it was a design page from your dentist's office periodical collection. We get it. You're inspired. But for how long?

Yes. You. Will. Die. It. Is. Perfect. You. Should. Get. It. Swwwwoooon. How much swooning are you doing without falling over?

Loving it:
If you love it so much, why don't you marry it. That may be a bit harsh but the flowery emotions of the phrase "Loving it......" is over-used on so many levels. We get it. You love it. Maybe it's time to break up with that phrase.

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