Sunday, November 3, 2013

Relaxing San Diego Style

Pretty much each and every weekend we head down to San Diego with the dogs to their favorite beach. It's funny because the second I wake up, they are raring to go and they know the jig is up. What's even funnier is as soon as we turn the corner near the beach they lose their minds in the car.

For a perfect day, I started at a quick yoga class then jetted down the 5 towards Del Mar. We make our usual stop at Leucadia donuts. There is some secret ingredient they put in their donuts, that they won't tell me. Maybe extra vanilla? I am not too sure. They also make THE best iced coffee too.

The pups had a playful time in and out of the surf. I gathered quite a few shells to add to my already compulsive collection. We arrived later than usual and decided to have lunch at Lobster West in Encinitas. Yelp reviews were mixed but we were willing to try. The lobster roll and crab rolls were divine. Very east coast for the west coast, and they were surprisingly busy. The roll was perfect cradling the sweet and lightly dressed lobster and crab. We will definitely come back. It's more of a splurge, though.

We were full. The dogs were wiped out and entirely crusty and sandy. We headed home and refreshed with warm showers and a nap. A perfect day.

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