Sunday, August 4, 2013

100 Days Until China

Exactly whose idea was it to go to China. Both Mr. Challenge and myself were looking for a vacation to celebrate some milestones along with another friend of mine. The obvious places such as Europe, Caribbean and Bora Bora came up. But then, suddenly we were intrigued with an almost inclusive tour of China with airfare. Would we take Big and Little Challenges? Of course we would as this would be a trip of a lifetime, in their such lifetime, of late.

We are 100 days out and the excitement is building. We have scoured travel magazines, blogs, travel websites and the like, all in anticipation of the big trip. What will we pack? How will Big Challenge and Little Challenge survive a 13 hour flight. We have every electronic device on the planet. Let's hope the batteries and charge don't fail. Realistically, this is an overnight flight so after the excitement of boarding the plane, reality sets in and we really need to get sleep. I will update about the trip along with exciting details for organizing these Life's Challenges.

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