Monday, August 12, 2013

Juice Sayin!

Bountiful Spread (image from Yahoo Images)
Everybody's doin' it, so now my body is. Recently a friend and I began talking about juicing, the benefits of juicing and the increasing trend of juicng. Mr. Challenge and I recently watched the movie Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead with Joe Cross. It was a bit interesting to say the least but presented quite a few challenges for regular people like myself.

First, I don't drive around with a juicer in my car. I would have to make all the juice needed for the day and take it with if I am out and about. Second, there is no lakefront resort I can just check-in to and enjoy the solitude of juicing and weight loss alone. And third, could I actually stick to Joe's plan for health and weight loss. These all sound like pretty viable obstacles, so to get started, another friend came over and brought her juice to test things out.

First off, my kitchen looked like a farm stand. We had everything from apples to carrots, kale to spinach, strawberries, lemons, ginger, cucumbers, celery! You name it. We had it piled on the counter. Then, we juiced. We juiced everything we had. We made vegetable juices, fruit juices and veggie/juice blends. Even Big and Little Challenges got involved and placed their orders. We all agreed it tasted delicious and we could not possibly eat that many vegetables or fruit throughout the day. The next few days, I hit up the .99 store for their fresh produce and saved quite a bundle. They had whole pineapples for .99. Our local market had them for 3.99!

We decided to continue for the next few days but not as extreme as Joe's program. We cut out alot of junk and processed foods already in our diets and reduced sugar, caffeine and alcohol(sadly). Grapes are just not the same in the juicer! We've incorporated some solid clean eating foods and do feel a bit better. I will report back as to the long term effects/results. So far, it's been rather good. Juice Sayin'!

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