Monday, August 19, 2013

The Dog on The Blog

Yep. It was me.
See that face? Yep, he destroyed his ball. And he is very happy. Dog Challenge had a great day at the beach today. It's our happy place..the place for at least one hour, we forget all that needs to be done, places to go, and technology turned off (well not for the photo). Dog Challenge frolics in and out of the surf, fetching, chasing, retrieving what is his and sometimes what is not. Each week, a new set of dog friends show up. Each week someone comments on his paws and asks, "Is that a Doodle?" No. He's a Portuguese Water Dog. Possibly the greatest breed of all time. Not familiar with it? Well, there is one living in the White House as I type.

So, each week, I try and trek Dog Challenge to the beach where even I think he forgets he's a dog. I've noticed lately that after he gets the ball, he brings it to an unsuspecting pile of seaweed back at the shoreline and plops it down. This goes on for like 20 or 30 times.

On our last fling of the ball to shallow waters, I noticed it didn't float and stay on time. Instead, it sank like a rock. I trudged out to find it myself since Dog Challenge had already given up and retreated to dry land. There, laying in some shallow sand of the Pacific was the ball. His seam split wide open, and was taking on water. Poor ball. You were well loved but will need to be replaced. Until next weekend......
The victim. The ball.

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