Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Great Faux-ll Top and Accessories

(Get it "faux-ll"..... fall?)
Image via Target
Hahaha! A little play on words but it did get your attention. Welcome to more Fashionomics. I am liking the new fall trend of leather and leather embellished pieces. However, I am too cheap to actually use real cash for real leather. I came across this top from Target recently and purchased it to go with some jeggings (mentioned in previous entries) and skinny jeans.

The sleeves have a faux leather, pleather, whatever you want to call it. It has a minor sheen but doesn't look too faux-ny. The faux leather gives it just enough edge along with the geometric print. I plan on wearing it with my new Old Navy jeggings or last year ON Sweetheart skinny red denim pants. They also have a solid sleeveless version which was meh and a dress that could look cool with some tights and boots depending on where you live. Plus, this is age-suitable for me without looking like I am trying to hard.
Via Walmart

I am also kind of digging this military coat from Walmart. Yea, before you get all riled up about Walmart, think for a second on how much money you will save for something that is a tad trendy and you will probably wear one season or a few times. This one from Walmart is cute and classic and the price just can't be beat.

Via J Crew

Compared to the one from J Crew, you could buy one from Walmart for each one of your best friends! It's cute but I am never one to go for too much trend. I like more classic pieces that I can actually wear year after year. Some of my best, inexpensive pieces are the ones that have really lasted the longest.

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