Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Girl on the Grill

Well, that was fast. Summer that is. It's just about come and gone. Well, not officially since the first day of fall doesn't come until September 22. It's pretty well understood that once Labor Day hits, summer is over. Kids are back in school, tourists leave for their home ports and destinations, and most people find the time to have that one last hurrah. People's thoughts really do start to turn towards fall, cooler weather and of course, the holiday season.

Cluck Cluck
It's too hot still where we are so the thoughts of putting on "fall" clothing is just daunting. Even trying on a lightweight sweater leaves me exhausted. Sure, California really only has two seasons; tourist and non-tourist. No, just kidding, we do have a fall and winter but just not as harsh as most of the country. Which is why it always makes me laugh a bit when we Californians scramble for that last summer BBQ. I mean, we can pretty much BBQ year round. So, why do we labor over throwing the last BBQ of the season.

We had no where to go. No parties, no bonfires. The Challenges and I were craving chicken. My BBQ chicken and no one elses. We are a two meat family here...light and dark. Little Challenge has to have the white meat chicken breast, the other, Big Challenge, all the chicken legs one could possibly handle. My recipe is simple; fresh chicken sprinkled with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Place on grill that is medium to medium-low heat and let it cook slowly. About 10 minutes it, I slap it with some Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce, the regular flavor. I know, don't put the sauce on until the end, but I disagree. My chicken slow roasts and the sauce slowly caramelizes on each piece leaving a really unique and sweet and savory flavor. The heat from below gently cooks the sauce onto the chicken, then, I flip it and douse it again in a gently smear of the lip-smacking sauce. This goes on for about 30 to 40 minutes until the chicken is cooked and the juices run clear.

Get a leg up!
This is also where I slow roast corn on the cob, shucked, wrapped in foil and dotted with two bits of butter. The foil is also tightly wrapped and cooks alongside the chicken. I also served them with these amazing potatoes found at this blog. Delicious.

It's the one last attempt on capturing summer before our carefree schedules turn to more structured ones including set meal times. I hope you didn't labor too much this past weekend and enjoyed summer. Fall and winter are also such spectacular seasons. Clean, crisp air, shorter days, cozy clothes.

Drop me a line and tell me how you spent your last bit of summer bliss....

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