Saturday, September 7, 2013


I love traveling. I mean, who doesn't. New locale, new faces to see, maybe even a new "identity". I am always looking for fabulous ways to travel and pack more efficiently and with ease. Recently I came across this accessory website from Pinch Provisions. They have the most adorable little travel and emergency kits. Sure, I could probably grab a cheapo dollar bin make up case, toss in a few band-aids, tampons, safety pins, nail polish remover pads, etc, but Pinch Provisions make these great little kits. The kits seems to come for him or her, moms, student and even girls. I found it on this fabulous blog.
Image via Pinch Provisions

Seems like a great way to keep organized with all the essentials in cute and clever little kits. What great gifts, too. I haven't actually tried them but I think I will order one and report back. If you have a unique tip/product to share, drop me a line or comment and I'll make sure you get noticed.

Disclaimer: I do not work for or benefit/compensate from either the company mentioned nor the additional blog. I just like cool products and want to share.

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