Thursday, September 26, 2013

Giving the Boot to Flip Flops

Target Taupe Kaelyn, Kaitlin Black Ankle, Old Navy Red
I recently wrote about a few items I think I will add to my fall wardrobe on the cheap. The other items that I also want to add is a few pairs of boots into the mix. The problem is weaning myself off flip flops. Not just any flip flops but my Tory Burch flip flops. I have at least a half dozen pairs in various colors and patterns. I get a new pair whenever they are on sale. I like them and am willing to pay up for them. I find the rubber to be more comfortable than the cheapy brands, and the pattern last longer for me. Plus, having that gold TB medallion at the thong part adds a bit of sparkle. I do not get the thin or wedge versions, however. I wear flip flops all year long since our climate is so temperate.

Which brings me to boots. I have seen so many cute ankle boots lately that I decided to get a few pairs. I recently came across this pair from Target, the Kaelyn Ankle boot. They did not have the taupe in my size so I found possibly an exactly match at DSW with their Pink & Pepper Duster Boot plus they had free shipping over $35! They are the perfect height heel plus they feel like real suede. I also ordered these from Target, the Kaitlin casual boot in black. They are also amazing! It also comes in an olive color. Both boots are perfect with leggings/jeggings or a dress, etc. I like that the heels aren't too high and they are actually walkable. Plus, the price is right. No one is going to be staring at a label or logo to see if you spent a ton of money. This way, you can probably get a few pairs instead of just one high end pair. Both of these boots seems to be made of high quality and I have gotten tons of compliments on both. Target also has a BOGO half off so hurry before this sale ends

I am also considering an entirely different color like these from Old Navy. They are a ruby, brick red color which I think would be a huge departure from my standard black uniform! Again, they are very reasonably priced and have good workmanship. I saw them in the store but haven't pulled the trigger yet to purchase. I think any of these choices would be stylish yet economical for the fall/winter season no matter where you live. If you have any other fashionomical tips, let me know. I'd love to post them for you!

UPDATE: The black Kaitlin boot from Target is amazing! So comfortable and looks alot more expensive than it really is!

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