Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunny and Share?

Sunny and Bo
Image via AP and Google Images
The White House recently added another furry playmate, Sunny,  to their family. Bo seems to be very excited to have the additional company. What a pampered life those two must live now. We recently added another dog to our home as well. We can call her Dog Challenge. A few years ago we lost our 14 year old to old age and declining health. We had been toying around the idea of getting another puppy or maybe even a rescue Portuguese Water Dog or even a rescue. We are not dog-snobs per se and didn't necessarily need a purebred dog again. After-all, there were so many dogs who needed homes. We had an opportunity last summer to get a 1 1/2 year old PWD from Canada which ended up falling through at the last minute. Luckily we did not tell Big or Little Challenge or their hearts would have been crushed. So another year later, and several visits to shelters, our breeder made an introduction to a family in Austin, Texas. They, too, were breeders and already had five dogs including the 6 year old female they were considering on placing as well as a 10 year old male. Again, it was something we considered very carefully, after all, we would be passed the puppy stage of chewing, obedience training, potty training, socializing, etc. But then would she "feel" like ours?

Boy Pup and Girl Pup 
After many, many emails and phone calls to the owners on why we would be the perfect fit and forever family, we proceeded with placing the 6 year old female into our home. She arrived a few weeks ago by American Airlines to the west coast. The cargo team knew they had a dog but were curious as to what kind of dog. As they all gathered around my car and the loading bay, I un-clipped the zip ties and opened the crate to reveal our new girl. There was a gasp of excitement followed by many ooohhs and aaaahhhs. We were just as excited as they were. So, off we went, new pup in the car onto our many journeys ahead.
The Dynamic Duo
Our new pup who we re-named Sugar Bear has been perfect. She quickly assimilated into our family and other dog. They enjoy spending time together and enjoy walks, car rides, the beach and naps. We were worried how they would get along. Would our other male pup want to share his domain? Would he want to share us? We have been careful to give him his special "alone time" so it doesn't seem that much has changed for him. I wonder though if he thinks that the Old Pup came back after a small hiatus? We introduced her to our other pup thru the crate just as we would a newborn. They sniffed and twirled once they got out.

So far things are going well as I write. The new Pup reminds us of the old 14 year old pup and we recently found out that their pedigree lines have some relatives in common.

I am sure Sunny is adjusting well to her new life in the White House with Bo just as our new pup is adjusting to hers.

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