Friday, September 27, 2013

Traveling to Find The Perfect Travel Bag

We have a BIG trip coming up. It's big because it was kind of one of those trips that wasn't really on our list of places to go but it was too good to pass up. That in itself makes me nervous because sometimes the old adage is if it's too good to be true, it probably is. Mr. Challenge and I  bought a family trip to China. It was one of those things where we were celebrating a big anniversary and birthday and really didn't need to buy each other gifts. So off to China we go late this fall.

With that, I am in a conundrum with what type of carry-on bag to take for this 13 hour flight. This may the only time in the past 12 years that we are checking luggage, or at least I am. Mr. Challenge thinks he can squeeze by for 10 days in a rolling backpack which is what we normally use. I would agree but I would like to baggage check some liquids/medicine, etc along with emergency snacks in case Little and Big Challenge are challenged with the foreign cuisine. Generally they are great eaters and will pretty much try anything....once. So, I had initially ordered the Lo & Sons OG Bag I had been reading a lot on many blogs. I thought the espresso color would be great. Once I received it, I did think it was a great carry-on bag except just not for me. I like to have my things under the seat within reach and I felt this was too cumbersome for me. It did have an incredible purple interior. elegant hardware, and lots of pockets for stash and organization. I also couldn't justify the price even though I know it would be a piece I would own forever. With my recent employment challenge, it didn't make sense. Plus, I preach to the choir about value, good buys, savings....

I then found another blog toting the LL Bean Expedition bag which I also ordered. With a promo code and free shipping, I think I ended up paying like $63 bucks for it. Plus, I ordered the orange which was really cool. I did like it but wasn't sure about the actual backpack straps. The tote straps were long enough to be comfortable without sliding off a heavier coat. I returned this as well and kind of regret it. I think this would have been suitable for holding a change of clothes, toiletries, electronic gadgets, charges, etc and a blanket. It also looked like it would have fitted better under the seat in front of me for easy access. Well, orange is sold out so now my choices are blue, olive and black. This is still in my mind.

Onto another bag, the Mosey Getalong Overnight bag which I am not actually sure if I saw on Pinterest. I initially found it on Zappos at a much high price. After Googling a bit, I found it on Orvis for a bit cheaper even with paid shipping. I even signed up to receive $10 off which made it even cheaper than Zappos. (Don't get me wrong, I usually find great deals on Zappos and love the two-way shipping). Zappos also had more colors but I chose the platinum color from Orvis. It looks like it has quite a bit of what I am looking for with compartments and straps. The bag should be here Monday so I will report back! In the upcoming days, I will also include what I am packing in this illustrious bag. If you have any other bag suggestions, please let me know!

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