Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Perfect Day

I have been pretty burned out lately looking for a new job. Looking for a new job has turned into a full time job itself with all the emailing, applications, networking, etc. It's too bad I am not getting paid for it. Today I decided that after dropping Big and Little Challenges at school, I would head up the coast with the Pup Challenges for a day for me...and them. Here on the west coast, the weather has been spectacular. The mornings are cool but warm up nicely around 10:30am with no marine layer at all.

Image Via Google Images/Haute Cakes
I started out having a casual breakfast at Haute Cakes in Newport Beach. It's one of my go-to cafe spots for a simple yet delicious breakfast. My usual French omelet is no longer on the menu so I decided to try the avocado toast with poached eggs which is quickly becoming my favorite breakfast or really anytime food! It's just a simple outdoor space with additional tables inside. The Pup Challenges love it too. The avocado was perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper and had two delicious poached eggs onto. I like to make avocado toast at home by using a Rustic Puglio loaf from the store, lightly toasted, then top with mashed avocado, drizzle of oil and dusted with salt and pepper. Mmmmm. I finished it off with a latte served in a real cup!

Delicious Scone

Off to Ce Si Bon off of Riverside also in Newport Beach. When we lived there, this was my go to spot for French bread and these apple cinnamon scones which are to die for. The scones aren't the typical dense door stop kind. The cake is lighter with real pieces of apple, cinnamon and a touch of sweetness. The Pups waited in the car and practically charged me as I entered with a bag of fresh baked goodies. I could tell they were bored so we drove over the hill to the new dog park near city hall.

Newport Dog Park
This used to be a giant mountain of dirt and plants and really a very valuable of real estate with ocean views in Newport. The project is finally finished with a new city hall, library addition, park areas and a new dog park. The view is spectacular. It is made of faux grass and pea gravel. Water and bags are also available. The Pups had a blast frolicking with a Lab named Dude, a Frenchie, an Akita, another Lab and a Pug. They were wiped out for sure and drank a bottle of water in the car! A good time was had by all. Nothing could complete the morning then a ride back down Hwy 1 back down south to the house. Both Pups came in, drank some water, and laid down on the floor. Even they had a perfect day.

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