Monday, September 30, 2013

Potat-OMG Skins

Potat-OMG Skins
I can't keep up with amount of sports leagues currently going on. I mean with baseball, football, hockey,  and basketball starting any day now I really need to install some more TVs in my home. Having moved away from a large metropolis called Chicago, Sundays were the days to watch the games and just relax, eat bar food and drink beer. Brunch was a big thing, too, but you had to make sure your place had TVs. So, as I have gotten older, the thought of sitting in a bar anywhere on a Sunday isn't so appealing to me anymore. I certainly don't miss that wet-mop and stale beer smell of these locales. There's nothing like re-grouping in front of my own TV with snack and drink and watch the game on my terms. Mr. Challenge is the same way. While we have been known to frequent friends' houses and such, there's nothing like your own couch, especially when you have TiVo or another DVR device. I can stop and pause when I like, find another task amongst the house, and walk around aimlessly.

But today was different. Mr. Challenge kept asking if anyone was coming over to watch our beloved Bears. Alas, there were no people. I kind of felt bad since I hadn't really thought about it or planned for food or a mini-party. We had the ubiquitous chips and dip but we were missing so much more. So, amongst ourselves, I decided we would tailgate at home. I ordered a small batch of wings from Wingstop, picked up the new Might Wings from McDonald's and then headed home to make this....Potato Skins! Potato Skins are Mr. Challenge's favorite. Already perched on the couch with a Bloody Mary, I decided to tackle them. If you haven't tried Mighty Wings...don't bother. It's basically fried bone-in chicken with a slight spice to them. They don't even offer wing sauce, just the basic sauces McDonald's already features. Just thought I would save you the $5.79.

Now, onto Potat-OMG Skins. Let me just state that they were awesome! I used a bag of russet potatoes from the .99 Store. They are .99 for a reason as they are very small, almost like a small red potato of normal size. But, they were perfect and almost bite sized. I followed the recipe and they turned out PERFECT. I was a bit hesitant about brushing them with the butter but it really made them delicious. Another trick I did was cook the bacon in the oven at 400 degrees on a jelly roll pan lined with parchment. I have been doing this lately. The bacon crisps up nicely and the mess is almost none! I garnished with freshly chopped scallions. This is a great, inexpensive fall appetizer or even an entree paired with a salad. Delish!

I hope you had a great weekend no matter what you ate, drank or did. Give these potato skins a try next time. Oh, and congratulations to Arizona State University for clobbering USC. My weekend was totally the best.

Disclaimer: I am not paid nor compensated for any reviews here. The opinions are my own.

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