Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ice Cream You Scream....

Seriously, summer is OVAH! Some parts of the country are experience unseasonably warm days, here on the coast it's pretty much business as usual. We get the occasional grey mornings that bloom into bright, sunny warm days. You can start to see leaves changing a bit. The coastal communities don't really get the vivid reds, yellow and oranges like the Midwest or East coast. It's still pretty, nonetheless. I do miss those crisp, cool, crunchy fall weekends of the childhood's past.

But today was interesting because we still actually have ice cream trucks traveling around the neighborhoods. I stumbled across this one with it's old timey white exterior and colorful treat labels splattered on the side. Inside was a kid who could not have been older than 16 since I am guessing he had to drive the truck. I didn't see any other adults so I am assuming he brought the truck to the neighborhood. Now, as a kid, I remember Good Humor almond bars, fudgesicles, bomb pops, snow cones and ice cream sandwich. Nowadays, there are character sherbet creations of Spongebob, Madagascar penguins and Incredibles. They all look pretty gross to me. There are also a few ethnic brands of fruit pops, Italian ice and horchata.

Do not say gross in front of your Challenges. They get very upset and defensive that you are making fun of their ice cream. I don't even think they are convinced I had an ice cream truck when I was a kid. They think it was more like a Flintstone's truck with the feet hanging out for propulsion. I think not! What's interesting is that Big and Little Challenge think the trucks are around all year (which they are) unlike the one or two months in the summer I grew up with. They also were un-phased by the pricing. Each item was a $1.00. And being that each item was a dollar, they thought they could order as many as they would like. They were wrong. So Little Challenge chose something gross and sour (yea, I said it). Big Challenge chose the un-natural yellow Spongebob creation. Again, gross. He wondered why his teeth were black as he bit into the face and gumball. It was the quietest car ride home we have had in a while and a memory we will share for years to come.

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