Saturday, October 12, 2013

Traveling Without Liquids or Gels

I remember shortly after 9/11 how liquids and gels were banned from carry-on luggage. Seemingly harmless Chanel lip gloss and Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer were tossed by the wayside. I was thinking of a way without having to lift a finger nor my Ziploc bag as I passed through security. I seldom ever checked luggage and didn't want to buy all new toiletries or cosmetics at a new location. So, I began researching for substitutes out there. I also wanted to keep costs down.

Images via Lush, Amazon, L'Occitane, Trish McEvoy, Desert Essence Sunscreen, Walgreen's Oil of Olay
One of my favorite products was Lush's Solid Shampoo and Conditioning bar. It was solid, it was shampoo and it was going to do the trick. Plus, it smelled delicious and had a variety of colors and formulas. Also from Lush, was their Lotion Bar. Basically you put on damp skin, towel dry and you're done!

Another fantastic product was black cake mascara, the old fashioned kind. It works rather well and there is no messy tube to pack. Of course water is readily available where you are traveling. I also used Oil of Olay Daily Facial Cleansing. These also required water and were great as you got off a flight and could quickly wash your face without any messy liquids leaking into your bag. You can also use a solid perfume like this one from L'Occitane. Better yet, you know those tester strips you get in magazines? I think I read somewhere that Tyra Banks used them when traveling and the idea sorta stuck with me. Just rip them out of your favorite fashion mags. You and your luggage will smell good.

I also used a Trish McEvoy mini make-up planner. Inside, you could pick a solid foundation cover, concealer, eye shadows, lip color and blush. It was all compact and came with tools of the trade as well. They little pieces hung in there with magnets and you can change out your colors as often as you'd like. It also keeps things very organized. Even solid foundation sticks and blush would do the trick.

Other suggestions could include Ted Gibson Hair Sheets, nail polish remover pads, sunblock stick, bug repellant sheets, Eco-Dent tooth powder in mint, Oral B Brush Ups, Colgate Wisps, and shampoo powder. Even today, I travel with most of these and do try and eliminate the liquids and gels. I love when they are reminding travelers to remove said liquids and gels, and when they get to me and I say, "I have none," they get this puzzled look on their faces.
Image via Eco Dent

Got any other suggestions? I Challenge you to try these or at least a few and see how fast you sail through security.

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