Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Best Brush Ever!

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I am not big fan of going to the mall or any shopping center for that matter. My dream Saturday doesn't consist of waking up early, putting on my dressy best and heading out the door to conquer the sales. I was never really a big shopper. I just end of returning most of what I bought in the first place. I have to really, really like something to buy, and I usually buy at least two of that item (different colors, of course). So, recently I remembered that I had bought a Groupon for Sephora. This was like back in mid-summer. I was trying to curb my deal buying especially on places I don't really go to in the first place. I generally don't go to Sephora. While they do have quite a few big brands, I always feel they are brand-centric and partial to pushing certain ones when you walk in.

I decided to actually head to the local mall one mid-day to use up my $10 deal. Keep in mind that it probably cost me $2.00 in gas just to get there. Always one for a good deal, I went to Sephora to see what I could buy for my upcoming trip. I really didn't need any applicators, sponges, tweezers or the like. Sephora usually has a great rounder of travel sizes of products like Smashbox, Laura Mercier, Rosebud Salve, etc. You know, right near the register. They usually are a little bigger than travel sizes but not bigger than the required TSA size. The display looked really picked over. Dirty actually. Plus, I had tried most of the products and the new ones didn't appeal to me. I ventured over to the hair brush and accessories display along the wall. This where I found the best brush ever.

I am not kidding. This brush rocks. I couldn't actually try it in the store because it came with a little packaging/case around it so I was hoping it would work. It is a travel sized brush which will be perfect in my carry-on and cross body bag once we arrive. It has a sleek, gun metal finish and handle. The boar bristles are combined with plastic ones. It fits perfectly into your hand. Little Challenge is NOT a hair brusher and I gave her this to try. She loves it. It did an excellent job of pulling the small, uneven hairs back into a pony or to just smooth out and style your hair. LOVE IT.

Listen, I can't believe it either that I just spent a whole entry on a brush. Trust me. If you need a travel brush, purse brush, gym bag brush, etc., you should get this one. Plus, the price is only $15 and with the Groupon I had, there was little out of pocket cost. (Hahaha. I kid myself. I actually purchased a few more things at Sephora including some Caudalie facial spray and a face brush). I am going to go back and get another one. You should definitely try one for yourself.

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