Friday, October 11, 2013

Obsessing About Sweater Weather and Jackets

You know they say it never rains in California obviously wasn't outside yesterday during the rare rainstorm we had. It was a welcome change from the excessively hotter days these past few weeks. The leaves are actually starting to change here a bit. I am sure they are brighter and more colorful in other parts of Cali, but here on the coast, they definitely have that bit of maroon and gold. We literally had at least a 20 degree drop within 36 hours. As we scrambled to shut every last window in our home, the chilled air began to roll in along with some fog. It was actually very cold, chilling to the bone kind of cold and damp. We still had a few summer blankets on the bed so the Challenges all "froze to death" as they say. Seldom do we really get to bust out the winter clothes and jackets. But, there's that word again, obsessing. Seems every blogger out there is using it to describe their total need to pre-occupy themselves with a single emotion or topic.

Image via Old Navy
I was obsessing because I got to use my new jacket! Almost never do I wear a jacket. Usually it's a cardigan or some hoodie-type thing so, yes, I am obsessing. I am kind of over shorts and dresses for a while. Anyway, I had bought a new jacket for our trip to China. I needed something light but that would keep us warm in the early winter weeks in Asia. This was exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, it was only sold online. The first size I bought was too big and exchanged it for one size down. As a bit curvy, I had to make sure I could zip it and wear a light sweater or tunic underneath. It has a removable interior liner. The hood also removes easily. The drawstring cinch waist is helpful so that you don't look like a potato sack. The coat is not frumpy but rather trendy and stylish. It only comes in black so hopefully they will offer up some other colors. Red would look amazing! Plus, I think I had some ON promo code on top of my ON bucks which brought the coat down to like $29!

How are you gearing up for the fall and winter seasons?
Rain blobs thru the sunroof

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