Friday, October 25, 2013

Target Treasures - No Digging Required

It's nice to see Target bringing in some classic designs and lines. There's was quite the hullabaloo with the Philip Lim line which I didn't find to be quite my style. Plus, at some point, don't you become just a "poser" wearing the Target version as opposed to the real thing, the real thing that even I wouldn't spend my money on. Honestly, some of the designer launches really have been less than stellar.
So while on my recent visit, I came across some real gems. I've mentioned it before so I'll mention it again. I am usually someone that buys classic pieces as opposed to more trendier options, things that will continue to be in style even years from now. I came across these three pieces that I think are just fabulous.
Image via Target
The first is a women's sequin top in black and white. First, you cannot go wrong in any season with black or white. Second, it's only $24.99 whereas you probably would expect to pay at least double at stores like Black/White Market, Talbots, Ann Taylor and more. I was pleasantly surprised by the fabric of this top and detailing, most notably this tiny gold button on the upper neckline in back. Plus, the sequins looked well sewn on and almost had an ombre or gradient look to the design. This can definitely be worn with a lovely pencil skirt, black pants or even some dark skinny jeans. It definitely can become an actively worn staple.

Image via Target
The second item is a black and white hounds-tooth ponte dress. I am generally not a big fan of ponte. Sometimes I find it almost too heavy in both weight and temperature. This dress is rather soft and smooth, and the hounds-tooth print is classic as ever. Worn either with boots or some dressy heels or maybe a jacket, you can go from day to night effortlessly. I feel hounds-tooth never really goes out of style.

Image via Target
Finally, I found this faux leather long sleeved tee which at first, I wasn't sure I could rock but after trying it and buying it, I paired it with some Old Navy skinny jeggings and booties and it looks amazing. Plus, this bangle bracelet really adds some sparkle.

What treasures have you found lately?

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