Saturday, October 26, 2013

Falling for Fall

How gorgeous are these photos? It literally made me stop and take a few shots. It almost looked like a backdrop for a photo studio. Imagine a family or couple perched out in front of the hay bales and assorted pumpkins. I had to stop and grab my iPhone to take a few shots and really savor the colors and smells of this display.

Let me let you in on a little secret....these pictures were not taken at some far off country patch hours from the house. They were actually taken at our local Trader Joe's. For real! Customers must have thought I was crazy squatting and kneeling down to get the shots. The colors were amazing and who doesn't love a pumpkin display. I had already done some decorating with some .99 store pumpkins (yea, no joke, they were .99). I thought last year was a good deal when I got them for like three bucks at Walmart. I also picked up some cheapy hay bales at Michael's to set the fall harvest tone. Today, I was getting a few TJ items that normally do not come out until the fall including their amazing pumpkin bread mix. I hadn't been in in a long time and what I was really looking for were Trader Joe's  "Joe Joe's" chocolate Halloween sandwich cookies. I could not find them which either means they sold out or didn't produce them this year.

I was also picking up a Cinnamon Broom. In the past, I have tried the cinnamon pine cones. I just put the whole bag in a glass bowl or metal container on the coffee table or mantle. They give off a very strong smell. This time, I wanted to try the broom. It's a little shaggy thing made out of who knows what and scented with cinnamon oil. However, they don't exactly go with my decor so what I do is leave it in the bag, then across the bag lengthwise and remove the plastic while keeping plastic on the bottom. This way, you won't stain any carpets or furniture. I then put it under one of our couches. The subtle scent permeates the air but you can't quite figure out where it's coming from. PLUS, it's super cheap, $3.99 to fragrance and freshen your house for fall. I think they actually call it a whisk or whatnot. It stands about 3' tall.

I'll be updating with another economical fall decorating tip soon. In the meantime, bundle up, snuggle up and cuddle up!

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