Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Women Of A Certain Age...I Am Half Way There

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Whoever said life wouldn't be a challenge wasn't kidding. Today is a special day for it is my birthday. It's hard to believe that I am half way there...in life that is, and based on the history of my relatives on how long they lived to be. Do I feel older? Better? I am actually not sure how I feel. I certainly don't feel my age or necessarily look, it but I do think I could do better. I would definitely say that I don't have the concerns or insecurities that I had about myself or my body in my 20s and 30s.

The 20s seemed to be the decade of finding yourself, putting yourself out there, figuring out who you wanted to be. After all, you probably finished college at some point and were off to get your first and probably second job. After you figured out you didn't want to be what you majored in college, you tried other things. Perhaps you created alot of relationships, perhaps you lost a few.

Your 30s were probably your decade of acquiring things. By now, you probably were making decent money, you were in steady relationships and you hopefully made a mark for yourself. You were getting the latest and greatest in gadgets, technology, clothing, real estate and more. Life is just one big registry.

Now, you are in your 40s and you're life is possibly half way over. Maybe you are in a more permanent relationship, maybe you got married and started a family or have a partner. Perhaps you have been at your job for many years and even own your home. It could be your second, third or even fourth home. Maybe what you set out isn't what you really wanted to be when you grew up, and now you are ready for a change. I have done all of this and more. But do I feel like I am where I should be?

I have the house, the car and the Challenges. I am also at a point in my life where less is more. For years now, I have no longer felt the need to acquire things. There's no need to keep buying the same things year after year whether it is clothes, decor, electronics, etc. I have tried to instill this in Little and Big Challenge that it's not important what you have but who is around you such as your family and friends. I mean, really, how many pairs of denim skinny jeans can you have or leather designer handbags. If I am gonna buy it, it's usually because I have had one similar for years. (Mr. Challenge actually is the worst offender with this as he actually has items from the 80s though he is not allowed to wear them around me!).

So, today is just unlike any other. The sun will rise and set. People will need me for a variety of reasons. I will continue to live and breathe like I usually do except knowing now, knowing that today is just a number. A number that is worth doing and living more, to get out there, to enjoy life even more now than ever, making every minute count. Your daily life doesn't have to be full of grand gestures, even the simplest of gestures are more than enough. Take the time, today, and everyday to really enjoy your life. Take a minute to look around, to breathe in, to breathe out. SO, whether today is your birthday or just another Tuesday, get out there. Seize your day. Live your moment. Take even just a minute for yourself. And hustle to get it done.

Reading this is the best gift you can give me. Pass it on. Happy birthday to me.

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