Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Perfect Day

The Coast is having unseasonably warm weather right now due to the Santa Ana winds. It also raises the red flag warning for wildfires which can be very scary. A few broke out due to the dryness and electrical lines but were quickly extinguished. With Mr. Challenge and Big Challenge off to Newport to see the skim board championships going on, I decided that I would treat myself to another alone day. After walking the Dog Challenges, I quickly showered, grabbed a simple dress and headed over to a local French-inspired cafe. The dog challenges were pretty worn out so I decided not to take them, and it's a crap shoot to get one of three outdoor tables; so I left them home. They were not pleased when the door closed in front of them.

 I also didn't want to arrive too early and look like the lone idiot sitting at a table so I waited until just about 9am. Yea, it's different here than most urban cities where brunch usually doesn't happen until 11 or so. I am one that isn't too hungry when I just wake up but also don't like crowds or waiting to long for a table. I was able to arrive and get the last partially shaded table outside, Parisian-style!

Now, always one for a deal, I decided to check into Yelp to see if this restaurant was offering anything with a check in. I had already used a free coffee drink so I decided to try again. Lo and behold, I was able to check in and get another coffee drink and ordered a latte. It saved me $3.50! The lattes are served in these deep bowls instead of cups or mugs. Parisian-style!

 I usually order the crab Benedict but it wasn't the special today nor did the kitchen have the ingredients to make it. I opted for the eggs Florentine, minus the tomatoes. Served with shredded hash browns, it was the perfect Sunday morning breakfast. The view was great too of towering palm trees. Instead of well dressed and well heeled Parisian women with their toys poodles, there was a steady parade of townies dressed in yoga gear and cruising their labs, bulldogs and mixed pups! I really could have stayed all day except the sun was melting the back of my neck. It's kind of stupid that I am describing another perfect day especially when you may not have even had breakfast or something prevented you from enjoying your Sunday. Lately, though, I have been trying to enjoy even the simplest moments and really appreciating Life's Challenges.

I hope you had a great weekend whether you did a whole bunch of things or just stayed in and did nothing. Even that is a perfect day!

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