Friday, October 4, 2013

Zip Code Envy

To say I am very lucky to live where I do is an understatement. I am unequivocally blessed to be living on the West Coast. I mean, where else can you be on the beach in the morning and ski or hike in the afternoon. The sunsets are just so incredible, and the varying geological terrain is mind-blowing. But somehow, I always find myself thinking about other places. Places to live. Maybe not forever but just a short amount of time; to experience certain cultures, peoples, traditions, urban or not so urban environments. People come here to vacation so why would I want to leave?

I have become obsessive compulsive about House Hunters International which just feeds my nomadic thoughts. I mean, in a half hour, we see a family from Chicago or Dallas uproot and start a new life in Honduras, Milan, Italy or even St. Croix. All these locales seem exotic to say the least. Yea, I am sure we don't know their entire back story. I mean, some claim they are looking for a more simpler life less burdened by rush hour, technology and dead end jobs. Others seek to rid their families of a garish materialistic life for something straight out of Robinson Crusoe.The are also ALOT of Canadians seeking a refuge from the harsh winters and look for a vacation home.

So, as the show goes, the Hunters are presented with three different types of houses within or near their budget. (You all know what I am talking about). But then here's where I get a bit compulsive. I start yelling at the TV at these poor people who undoubtedly cannot hear me. The polite yet patient real estate agent has been presented with the daunting task of checking off all the boxes on their wish list only everyone knows that is almost impossible...unless you want to go above your already said budget.

I see the wheels turning with these people and sometimes you can't help but scream. Some of the decisions are so ridiculous there's no way these people could be happy in these homes. Plus, you had a budget, why did you creep out of it. Flash forward a few months, and the couple or family is all moved in and claim their decision was the best.

It looks so easy during this half hour to just up and move clear across the globe that I ask myself, "Why can't I just do that?"

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